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Human Brain Evolution Lab


Indiana University


CT of human skullendocast validity testevolution of human cranial capacitychimp->human morphbrain MRI


Research on the co-evolution of behavior and brain, with the goal of better understanding the origins of the human condition


STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF CURRENT PROTESTS: We at the Human Brain Evolution Lab support the Black Lives Matter movement and the peaceful protests occurring across the country, and we condemn the escalating violence at the hands of local police departments, federal service members, and elected officials. We encourage other scientists to take action in the coming days, weeks, months, and beyond, to work towards an equitable and just society. A few ways you can help are by financially supporting protestors, amplifying the voices of Black scientists, engaging with anti-racist literature, learning the history of racism in this country and elsewhere, and trying to understand what it feels like to be non-white in the United States. We encourage academics to donate any refunded fees from conferences and other events canceled due to COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement and associated bail funds for protestors. We will work towards establishing community-oriented solutions for safety in our department and on campus, beyond policing. This includes committing to not calling the police on students, especially pertaining to the enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines.